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Interactive Map

If you are planning to cycle through the Sippo Valley and/or Ohio & Erie Canalway sections, be aware that there are segments of crushed limestone in these areas:
  • Sippo Valley Trail – length 9.8 miles – 1 composite section = 3.4 miles
  • O&E Canalway Towpath – length 66.7 miles – 5 composite sections = 44.6 miles

These composite sections are easily rideable with hybrid, touring, road, or e-bikes.  Tire sizes of 28 mm or larger are recommended.

Due to confusion in the Columbus area, you may want to refer to this page when traveling through the area.
Each of the links below correspond to the printed trail guide offered through our shop.

Download Links

(For help with downloading and using RidewithGPS on some Garmin devices, see this tutorial.)

OTET Northern Region

OTET North Central Region

OTET South Central Region

OTET Southern Region (updated 9/21/22)

Ohio to Erie Trail Interactive Map

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