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Little Miami Newtown Trail Grand Opening

On Saturday May 21st in Newtown, just a few miles outside of Cincinnati, Great Parks of Hamilton County celebrated the opening of the 3.3 mile extension of the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail that in the near future will be part of the OTET route. A future bridge across the Little Miami River will then take the OTET to Lunken Airport Trail and replace 6 miles of current street route. The OTET Fund was well represented with Board Members Taft, Moffitt and Mills who took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Jack Sutton, Executive Director of Greater Parks of Hamilton County, led the ceremonies.

Bob _ Tom 2016-min

Bob Taft and Tom Moffitt of OTETF

Jack Sutton-Don Mills-Tom Moffitt-Frank Henson 2016-min

Jack Sutton of Great Parks of Hamilton County, Don Mills and Tom Moffitt of OTETF, and Frank Henson of Queen City Bike.

JoDee Hub _ OTET Extension 2016-min

JoDee Hub with new distance sign

Sutton _ Great Parks Sign-min
Jack Sutton of GPHC Speaking