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Route Updates

Route Updates 9/15/2017

Construction on the trail in London, Madison County necessitating sporadic closures from Maple Street in London to Spring Valley will start Monday, Sept. 18 and go through the first week of October. A detour along 665 will be available during times when of a complete closure.

Route Updates as 8-7-17

This web site no longer supports the OTET Maps sold prior to 2-2017. So many changes along the Ohio to Erie Trail route makes up-dates entirely too cumbersome. New Tour Guides are available in the web site store.

North Region – Panel N3 – Akron –  a section of the Ohio to Erie Trail known as the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Akron has a one-mile detour between the current Memorial Parkway and Mustill Store Trailheads. The detour uses Hickory Street to the west of the Trail until 2018 during construction.  This detour of Towpath Trail and Ohio to Erie Trail does provide a safe, easily identifiable and mostly accessible trail for hikers and bicyclists.  There are short sections that involve steep grades along the Maple Street Connector of the new route – 10% & 15% – where walking a bike may be preferred. It is signed. Also note that the area in Akron has no Route 1 signs. We are still working with the folks there to realize the OTET is STATE wide.

North Central Region  – Panel NC1 North of Mohican Valley Trail – This panel shows a new section of the Holmes County Trail from the Mohican Valley Trail to Glenmont . This should be paved and open by September 1, 2017.  The Route 1 bicycle signs remain on the old route using County 25 and County 6 to take you to County 520 and into Killbuck. This is a very beautiful alternate route on the OTET and is marked with ALT stickers on the Route 1 signs. It is hilly in several spots but traffic is very light except for an occasional horse and buggy.

North Central Region – Panels NC5 and NC6 – Westerville City  – note that in the City of Westerville there are plenty of very nice signs that say Ohio to Erie Trail but they are on poles and lower sign panels. There are NO route 1 signs for about 6 miles through this busy city but most of the trail is on the Westerville Bike and Hike Path. Watch carefully for the signs for OTET. They have an abundance of the US BR 50 signs and it does follow the OTET for much of the way but it goes east and OTET goes northeast. The OTET Tour Guides will take you through,    so follow them!

South Region – Panels S4, 5 & 6 -Cincinnati  – this is a navigation clarifications and not route changes from the tour guide.  Two areas need traveler attention. Going towards Cincinnati after turning on to Kellogg Avenue from Carrel, in one-half mile the trail goes left (south) around the back of the school on stilts and not straight on Kellogg Avenue. While the trail returns to Kellogg/Riverside Drive later, this beautiful one mile trail section winds along the Ohio River where there are ball fields and a boat ramp with very little car traffic compared to Kellogg. When the trail ends at Corbin, turn right for one block and you are back on Kellogg which now has become Riverside Drive to the city and it is well marked. Turn left at Riverside and Corbin toward downtown Cincinnati. In 2.5 miles where you turn left (towards the Ohio River)  is at Bain and Riverside at the red light. Use the red light to cross and enter the OTET at Berry International Friendship Park. ( It is possible to stay on Riverside and catch the trail at other places, but the easiest is to take this first sign of a trail on your left.) Go beyond the wooden art work to the path closest to the Ohio River and turn right. The first trail next to the train tracks will get you to the same location but the path closest to the river is much more scenic!


South Central Region (S to N directions) – Panel SC3 : where the CCT/OTET ends at W. Sullivant Ave. turn left and go 1 block west to Industrial Mile Rd.  Follow it north and east to the intersection with  Georgesville Rd. Use the pedestrian signal and crosswalk to cross to the east side of Georgesville Rd and go south (right) on the paved side path toward the RRx where the Camp Chase Trail resumes eastward into Columbus connecting to Columbus Wilson Park and the bridge over Broad Street (which is National Road U.S. 40). This is on the Tour Guide.

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