At this time the trail is open. Expect closures of park shelters, playgrounds and certain facilities. Please prepare for sparse water and restroom options. Please do not congregate in groups and always observe healthy distancing.   Our Trail Partners

$25 Donation

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The OTETF depends on donations from individuals to keep us operating as a non-profit, organization promoting the Trail for recreational use from Ohio River to Lake Erie. Your donation is very valuable to our organization in a variety of ways like helping us to purchase and place the large 2′ by 4′ way-finding signs as well as the Route 1 Bicycle Signs along the Trail.  For example, while our great volunteers assemble and install the 12″ by 18″ bicycle signs, each high quality sign costs us about $40… and we have put up hundreds of them north and south bound on the OTET!

In addition your donation is helping to purchase right-of-way for trail and providing more paving!

Thank you for donating!