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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

      • Tom Moffitt (1 of 1)
        Tom Moffitt, PhD, President
        Butler County
      • Bill Daehler (1 of 1)
        Bill Daehler, Vice-President
        Franklin County
      • Photo Coming Soon
        Elizabeth Watts, Treasurer
        Franklin County
      • Mary Plumley (1 of 1)
        Mary Plumley, Secretary
        Franklin County
      • Wayne Roberts (1 of 1)
        Wayne Roberts
        Madison County

      • Tom Alexander
        Holmes County
      • Jim Flaherty (1 of 1)
        Jim Flaherty
        Delaware County
      • Mike Groeber (1 of 1)
        Mike Groeber
        Clark, Greene County

      • Sean McGurr
        Summit County
      • Don Mills (1 of 1)
        Don Mills
        Hamilton County

      • Don Noble
        Wayne County
      • Jerry Rampelt (1 of 1)
        Jerry Rampelt
        Franklin County
      • Photo Coming Soon
        Dan Ritchey
        Coshocton County

      • Bob Taft
        Greene County
      • Photo Coming Soon
        Jack Williams
        Ross County
      • Photo Coming Soon
        Jay Telzrow
        Cuyahoga County

      • Chris Hadocy
        Franklin County

      • Ken Schneider
        Cuyahoga County
  • Photo Coming Soon
    Bruce Bailey
    Franklin County


Advisory Board

Bill Baker, Holmes County

Melodee Kornacker, Franklin County

Greg Lashutka, Franklin County

Tom Offutt, Lake County

Charlie Ruma, Franklin County

Jim Schneider, Greene County

Oliver Seikel, Cuyahoga County

Ted Short, Wayne County

Sam Speck, Franklin County

Ellen Tripp, Franklin County

Stephanie Vesper-Gephardt, Hamilton County

Brad Westall, Franklin County