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The Ohio to Erie Trail and connecting roads are mapped using GPS data. The trail and connecting roads are color coded so you will know the surface of the route. Also, listed below are websites with additional information about the network of trails forming the Ohio to Erie Trail. 

As work is completed on individual projects, we will keep this post updated.  The names of the trail segments followed by the Ohio to Erie Trail include: Ohio River Trail, Little Miami Scenic Trail, Prairie Grass Trail, Roberts Pass, Camp Chase Trail, Scioto Trail, Olentangy Trail, Westerville Bike and Walk Route, Genoa Trail, Hoover Scenic Trail, Heart of Ohio Trail, Kokosing Gap Trail, Mohican Valley Trail, Holmes County Trail, Sippo Valley Trail and the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath.
Completed Segments:  Little Miami Scenic Trail, Prairie Grass Trail, Roberts Pass, Scioto Greenway Trail, Olentangy Trail, Westerville Bike and Walk Route, Kokosing Gap Trail

Navigating the Trail:
Cincinnati(From North to South)
OTET Trail Route Up-Dates 7-14-15
Cincinnati – Map 4, Panel 8 Lunken Airport – the new concrete trail construction along the east side of Wilmer is now complete but trail signs have not been replaced. This has greatly improved the riding surface for this one-mile section. Note that going north, away from Cincinnati, the Route 1 sign that takes you from the end of that new concrete path over to Wilmer is also missing but just a block ahead the Route 1 signs are visible.
Cincinnati – Map 4 – Panel 9 Cincinnati – two areas need traveler attention.
1. Going towards Cincinnati after turning on to Kellogg Avenue from Carrel, in one-half mile the trail goes left (south) around the back of the school on stilts and not straight on Kellogg Avenue. While the trail returns to Kellogg/Riverside Drive later, this beautiful one mile trail section winds along the Ohio River where there are ballfields and a boat ramp with very little car traffic compared to Kellogg. When the trail ends at Carrel, turn right and in a block you are back on Kellogg which now has become Riverside Drive to the city and it is well marked.
2. The sign at Bain and Riverside at the red light to cross and enter the OTET at Berry International Friendship Park is now missing but the trail is easily visible on the south side of Riverside Drive. It is possible to stay on Riverside and catch the trail at other places, but the easiest is to take this first sign of a trail on your left. Do not go east on the Lunken Trail but continue south on the new concrete construction.

East of London to Columbus (ALERT: sections changed from printed map)


The Camp Chase Trail is 65% done and includes 9.5 miles in Madison County and Franklin County, it is completed through Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park and is paved to Galloway Road.  The printed map instructs people to use Broad Street, however until October 2016, it is under major construction west of I-270 and these conditions make an already challenging connection nearly impossible. Ohio to Erie Trail leadership provides the following alternative route which is 9.17 miles going from SW to NE.  Start: Camp Chase Trail at Galloway Road, then proceed North on Galloway Road - East on Hall Road [heavy traffic] - North on Norton Road -CHANGED SECTION:  From Norton Rd., East on Sullivant Ave.- North on Georgesville Road [heavy traffic] - East on Sullivant Ave - North on Demorest Road where you join the Westgate Bicycle Blvd with signs and shared lane markings (sharrows). Follow Westgate Bicycle Blvd (Demorest - Wicklow - Brinker - Olive - S. Westgate - cross Broad St - continue on N. Westgate Ave).  SAME AS PRINTED MAP:  From Broad St., follow Westgate Bicycle Blvd north to end at the Steele Ave Bicycle Blvd.  Proceed East on the Steele Ave Bicycle Blvd - North on Eureka Ave - East on Valleyview (becomes Highland then Harper).   Cross McKinley Ave and enter the Scioto Greenway trail via the Hilltop Connector Bridge, at the end of the connector bridge go LEFT at the fork to follow the Scioto Greenway Trail toward downtown where you connect to the Northbound Olentangy Trail at the Confluence (The Boathouse).

Columbus to Westerville  (ALERT:  changes to come, Summer 2015)

From downtown Columbus to Westerville the trail follows the Olentangy River bike path.  The Olentangy Trail is open with periodic, partial closures for maintenance work.  Exit the Olentangy trail in Worthington at Dublin-Granville Road, take the access Road East to Evening Street (N) to North Street (E) (jogs left) to Proprietors Rd (N) to Schrock (E) to Charring Cross Dr where the Ohio to Erie Trail goes NE on the Westerville BW trail.  There are two routes through Westerville. The Alum Creek route is along Alum Creek, Main Street, Cleveland Avenue, and Polaris Parkway (becomes Maxtown Road). The Westerville downtown route follows the rail corridor that runs through the center of Westerville. Both routes link at Alum Creek and Schrock Road on the south and at Maxtown Road across from Home Depot on the north.  The NE end of this trail is at Wiese Road at Old 3C in Galena.


Killbuck (Holmes County) to Millersburg

Five miles of trail were constructed between Killbuck and Millersburg and opened in December 2007.

Downtown Akron

A bridge over Route 59 was opened in August of 2008, and work continues on the dowtown trail.  The street route through Akron is very dangerous so be careful. Notice that the route is one way north and south.

Little Miami: www.miamivalleytrails.org
Camp Chase Trail:
Central Ohio:
Delaware County:
Ohio and Erie Canalway:
Madison County:
Millersburg/Holmes County:
Mt. Vernon/Knox County:
Wayne County 

A wonderful resource is this detailed description of the trail by Carol and Guy Cocchiarale on their igotabike blog (May, June 2012)

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