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326 Club

Congratulations to the Members of the 326 Club!

Are you part of the club? If you have ridden the entire trail in a single trip, email us at to  get your name listed below. Let the world know you rode the the trail – All 326 miles of it! Go to the store and order your 326 Sticker (4×6 inches of highest quality material) for just $4 and display it proudly. If you place an order for any other item in the store, let us know when you do that and we’ll put a 326 sticker in your packet for free!


2016-2017 Riders of the Entire Ohio to Erie Trai

Tom Alexander, OH
Tom Armitage, MD
Chris Bay, OH
Stephen Berkley, NY
Wally Biery, OH
Thomas Bilcze, OH
Matthew Bittner, NE
William Bohl, OH
Damon Bower, OH
Bill Brown, OH
Don Burrell, OH
Donna Cochran, OH
Laura Hargritt Cohen, OH
Tom Collins, OH
Marilyn Collins, OH
Randy Cronk, OH
Cass Dedert, MO
Dennis Demilner, MI
Tom Gaughenbaug, OH
David George, OH
Andrew Grandjean, OH
Carl Griffin, IN
Mike Groeber, OH
Phillip Hager. KY
Missy Hager, KY

Bill Hatcher, TX
John Hatfield, OH
Sarah Henrici, PA
Sue Hersman, TX
Bob Hessler, OH
Mike Huddleston, OH
Pam Hutton, OH
Mark Jennings, WA
Jamison Jones, WV

Sarah Justice, KY
Jonathon Lewis, KY
Keith Kasnik, OH
Terry Kassnel, OH
Daniel Kelly, OH
John Kemper, OH
Bill Krisak, NJ
Mitch Lambert, OH
Leslie MacDonald, OH
Mike Maher, OH
Carolyn McGill, NE
Tom Moffitt, OH
Aaron Moehring, OH
Maria Jensen Moehring, OH
Greg Moore, MS
Steve Moore, PA
Walter Neubauer, OH
Bob Niedenthal, OH
Phil Obermiller, OH
Jason Orn, OH
Rochelle Orn, OH
Lance Osborne, OH
Ron Overly, OH
Ruth Overly, OH
James Owens, OH
Carla Perry, OH
Mary Plumley, OH
Ron Plumley, OH
Charles Pierce, OH
Greg Phillips, OH
Jim Rahtz, OH
Robert Rashid, OH
Katy Ratcliff, IN
Ken Ratcliff, IN
Denny Ravine, OH
Tim Reimund, OH
John Robinson, OH

Brad Rodu, KY
Porgia Rodu, KY
Jay Rowe, OH
Pat Sabo, OH
Ray Sabo, OH
Sandy Sanders, OH
Steve Schwalbach, OH
Joe Schmidt, CO
Joshua Strzala, OH
Jay Telzrow, OH
Ellen Tripp, OH
David Winans, OH
Jim and Anita Woodward, AZ